The first rod for a beginning fly fisherman

New anglers often ask, What rod should I buy? The answer is… depends.

In one way fly rods could be compared to saws. Technically a chain saw and a table saw both cut wood. However, in certain situations one is better than the other. All fly rods cast flies, but rods are designed for various situations. Fly rod selection depends on the water body type and the species of fish you are targeting.

A useful resource is Cabela’s Fly Rod Buyers Guide. It will help determine the weight, action, and flex that will be best suited for the waters you fish.

My recommendation for Idaho waters are:

  • Five or six weight- if you are mainly fishing for trout (choose a five if mainly fishing rivers and streams, but choose six if mainly fishing lakes).
  • Eight weight- can be used for bass, steelhead, carp, and for casting large streamers to trout.

If you still have questions concerning rod selection feel free to contact us.

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