Fly Fishing Goals: Species, Techniques, and Destinations

At the beginning of each fly fishing season I write down goals for the year. I encourage other anglers to do the same. There are always new species to catch, techniques to learn, and destinations to be explored.

When I started fly fishing I focused on the basics such as learning to nymph with an indicator, fishing streamers, and fishing easier dry fly scenarios like stone fly hatches, hoppers, and attractor patterns on freestone streams.

After fly fishing for a couple years, I started to seek out more challenging dry fly fishing opportunities. This led me to exploring more technical water. I also started fishing for species other than trout.

FYI: Bass and panfish are generally easier to catch than trout, and are fun for anglers of all skill levels. Pound for pound smallmouth bass are one of my favorite species to catch on a fly rod. Now back to goals…….

I have been fly fishing for a little over a decade, and new goals bring new challenges and fun.

My invitation

Set one goal for each category this year.

  1. Species
  2. Technique
  3. Location (Could be by water type such as spring creek, tailwaters, reservoirs, salt water flats, etc. Or by a specific body of water you want to fish more often).

For example,

Last year I took my first trip to the saltwater flats. This required me to learn how to tie bonefish flies. It pushed me to work on my casting speed and accuracy.

The past couple of years I have been pursuing carp. I still need a few years to improve, but I have the basics down. Carp require me to present the fly to a “rooting fish.” No doubt this will pay off when I get the chance to fish for Redfish.

Lastly, the past two years I have been trying to spend more time on spring creeks. Fly Fishing spring creeks has forced me to be more delicate with my presentations and taught me to be quieter as I approach fish.

Again, please accept my challenge to set some goals for this upcoming year. It will pay dividends to your progression as an angler, and you will have more fun.

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