Clear Lake Country Club

A buddy and I decided to try Clear Lake. It is a pay to fish location that is part of a country club in Buhl, Idaho. While the fee to fish is only $10, it still wasn’t worth it.

Our first indication this fishery wasn’t what it use to be occurred while we were gearing up. A couple different people pulled up and said, “Are there still fish in there?” “I use to fish it when I was a kid, but I haven’t fished it in years.”

The second red flag was the colony of white pelicans cruising the lake. If there were any small to medium size rainbows the pelicans would make a meal out of them quickly.

We also watched for feeding fish and didn’t see anything.

Nonetheless, we had driven a fairly good distance so we still gave it a go.

Cool water from a hatchery feeds the lake

We kicked in our float tubes to an area that is fed by the cool water of a commercial fish hatchery. Unfortunately, the only fish we saw in this lake were dead ones on the bottom.

I’m assuming the country club stocks the lake later on in the year when it warms up, but when we went it was a total bust. I wasn’t impressed with the management of the fishery.

The Outlet of Clear Lake

We did see a few fish in the outlet of the lake. Most of them were around 10-12 inches. There is only about forty yards of fishable water in this outlet stretch.

My personal experience fishing here wasn’t good, but if you want to give it a try then call the county club and ask when the last time was that they stocked it. Probably a better place to golf than fish.

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