Finding water of your own during 2020

It felt like everyone in the state decided to take up fly fishing during the Pandemic. Even some of my, what I use to think, secret spots were shared with other fisherman this past season. At times I was frustrated by the number of people, but I had to remind myself that everybody needed time on the river last year. I hope people were able to find the peace that nature provides. Nonetheless, I like solitude while fishing, and I was determined I would find a place where I had some peace and quiet.

I spent a hour or so scanning over Idaho maps and the Fish and Game website. After researching a few potential backroad fishing locations, I loaded up my vehicle and hit the road.

After a long drive I arrived at my destination. I packed in my float tube and hiked into a beautiful high mountain lake.

I began noticing fish jumping right next to the reeds. At first I was caught off guard by the behavior of the fish. However, after further inspection I noticed many dragonflies on the reeds. Luckily, I had a couple patterns in my box. I made a cast and splashed my fly right next to the reeds. Bingo! I then enjoyed reeling in several brook trout such as these.

After a day fishing on no-tell-um lake I hit the road to find some new water. The drive was beautiful, but I tried two fisheries that ended up being a bust. The first fishery only had one public access point, and another lake I visited was a nasty green algae pool. However, that is part of exploration. It takes work to find secret spots, and I have just as many failures I as I do success stories.

The fourth water I visited proved to be productive and a fun way to end the trip. I found a pubic access point from a good old fashion recreation map. I drove by it two times because the entrance was not marked, and I’m glad it isn’t, because I finally found a stretch of the stream all to myself. A difficult find for crowded 2020 streams.

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