Snake River Bass

Trout streams were crowded in the 2020 season, so I explored other fishing opportunities. I hadn’t been bass fishing in awhile so I loaded up the fly rods and hit the road.

When I arrived at my destination I found no one fishing. I had not fished this area before, so I tied on a tried and true Wooly Bugger. I waded in at a boat launch and spotted a nice looking log. I smacked a cast right next to it and let the fly sink for a couple seconds. I gave it a pull and the line went tight. Out of the water shot a nice looking largemouth with typical largemouth head shakes.

After landing and releasing the fish I took a moment to look around. I noticed a large back channel upriver with occasional boils. I ran back to the bank and hustled upriver. Wading out carefully I began to cast near structure, and the largemouth party was on. The only thing that didn’t have a good time was my Wooly Bugger.

It was a hot and muggy summer evening. Occasionally I had to swat a mosquito, but the fishing was awesome. The bass hit the streamers hard and the aerial head shakes were super fun to watch. It was a great way to spend a couple hours on the water.

If you like streamer fishing and having huge sections of river all to yourself then try bass fishing on the Snake River.

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