Due to other career opportunities Idaho Fly Fishing School is closed. Please enjoy past blog posts.

All courses are one hour in length. Some require time on the casting lawn or near the river. Please dress appropriately for the season. If you have your own fly fishing gear you are welcome to bring it, but having your own is not required.

Core Topics: The skills taught in entry level lessons are the foundation blocks for fly fishing success.

  • Casting 101
  • Reading the Water
  • Equipment and Knots
  • Basic Entomology
  • Intro to trout
  • Intro to Warm Water Fly Fishing

Elective Topics: These lessons are designed for students who wish to continue their fly fishing education. It is recommended that they be taken after the core topics have been covered. Some examples of electives include:

  • Casting 201
  • High Stick Nymphing
  • Emergers and Wet Flies
  • Fly Fishing for Carp
  • Still Water Fishing
  • Spring Creeks
  • Your First Trip to the Salt Water Flats

Fly Tying: The nice thing about fly tying is once the fundamentals are learned, Youtube and books can teach you many techniques and fly patterns. After a few fly tying lessons students should be able to handle their fly tying journey on their own.

Please select the contact us tab, and let us know if you are interested in classes.