Zach Porter

I love fly fishing and being a fly fishing instructor. Fly fishing has taken me to some beautiful places. It has connected me to life long friends, and it is a great way to unplug from worldly concerns. Fly fishing has brought much joy to my life, so it thrills me to teach it to others. Once students gain the basic skills, a whole new world of adventure, travel, and camaraderie awaits them.

My first goal as an instructor is to help students gain the foundational skills to begin their fly fishing journey. My second goal is to help students pursue the vast opportunities that fly fishing offers.

When people think of fly fishing they usually think of trout. I love to fly fish for trout, but there are additional opportunities in fly fishing that are often ignored by even seasoned anglers. Fly fishing for other fresh and salt water species such as bass, carp, pike, steelhead, salmon, bonefish, tarpon, permit, shark, and more brings new challenges, techniques, flies, and ecosystems that enrich the fly fishing experience. I have structured my classes around achieving these two goals.

Additional info about me:

I have a wonderful wife and great kids. I have started introducing my young ones to fishing, and it has brought a new thrill to the sport. I love a good fish or shrimp taco. I like to climb a mountain now and then, snowboard, and shoot a few hoops. That’s enough. See you on the water.

Jon Crossley- Assistant Instructor

Jon has been fishing Idaho’s waters for years. He is a great trout fisherman, and he is always willing to help those new to the sport. He appreciates Idaho’s natural beauty, and he brings his camera on fishing trips to capture it. Jon likes to snowboard, hunt, and spend time with his wife.