Chasing October Rainbows

October is a great month for fly fishing in Idaho. It is as if the fish know the food abundance of summer is coming to an end, and it is time to chow down one last time.

The foliage lining the riverbanks is a brilliant displays of yellows, reds, and oranges. Cool, crisp mornings give way to temperate afternoons. Bird hunting season minimizes the crowds on the river, and fish have fatten up all summer long.

This October my fly fishing outing was on a local river. I had so much success that I brought my nephew back the following week.

When we arrived fishing temperatures were ideal. We enjoyed a nice lunch and took in the views before setting foot in the river. My nephew is still learning, and I hoped we would have some success.

I set him up with an rubber leg nymphing rig, and had him cast near some promising boulders. It didn’t take long for him to hook into fish. It is nice for a beginner to start the day with a landed fish.

Once he landed a few I decided to wet a line myself. I found a nice riffle with some rising fish. I saw caddis, midges, and a few BWOs on the water. I was in the mood to swing some wet flies, so I tied on a simple pattern and gave it a try. It worked great.

My nephew and I spent the next few hours enjoying the great fishing. I took the riffles, and he took the pocket water near boulders. It was a great day because our set ups allowed us to fish different water types. We could fish near each other, but still have the enjoyment of our own piece of water.

The hike back to the car was just as good as the fishing. Idaho is beautiful in October, and we were treated to some spectacular country.

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